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3 Facts You Probably Did Not Know About Honey!


Mon's Editor:

Do you know?
The honey that I often drink has 5 magical uses that everyone hasn’t expected!

Let Mon’s introduce the 3 little-known effects of honey today!

1) Effectively relieve anxiety and tension
The nutrients in honey can produce a calming effect. Simply mixing honey with beverages can appropriately alleviate insomnia. Adding some pure honey to the porridge for breakfast can also improve emotional regulation.

2) Don’t throw away the crystallized honey
Don’t throw away the crystallized honey in a hurry! The nutritional content in it is basically unaffected. It can be directly dug up as a seasoning sauce, and it is delicious when it is spread on toast or biscuits. Or add coffee, stir slowly until it melts, you can enjoy unexpected taste buds!

3) Help the wound heal
The anti-oxidant properties of honey can have super bactericidal effect. Therefore, honey basically does not have the problem of spoilage. There are records of early civilized nations that applying honey to the bruised area for about 10 minutes can have a painful anti-inflammatory effect.

Mon’s 小编:


今天就让 Mon’s 来介绍蜂蜜鲜为人知的3个功效吧!

1) 有效缓解焦虑与紧张

2) 结晶的蜂蜜不要丢

3) 帮助伤口愈合


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