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Bite of Korea.. Understand more about Korean Food

“舌尖上的韩国 Ep1”

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Budae jjigae, Korean Hot Pot

Babies who like to eat Korean food will certainly not be unfamiliar with army pot! This kind of Korean-Western-style Korean thick soup hot pot can be traced back to the Korean War, when the people of South Korea were extremely scarce of daily necessities, and even ate leaves to satisfy their hunger. However, the supplies of the US military in South Korea are very abundant. Some American soldiers even throw away the ham and sausages that have not been eaten.

But to the hungry Korean people, these rubbish are like pies falling from the sky. The locals picked it up, washed it, and added their own homemade kimchi, tofu, and bean sprouts to stew, so they can be eaten by a family. Later, the dish slowly spread throughout South Korea, and the name gradually became localized and eventually became a military hot pot.

Delicious sharing: For army hot pot, you only need to slice sausages, luncheon meat, etc., onions, bell peppers and other vegetables into strips, and put them into the pot together with the rice cakes, kimchi, ramen and other ingredients, and then pour them into the secret kimchi-flavored broth and stew in the store Cook. After the soup is boiled, add cheese slices and seaweed slices and you can start eating!

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