Kataoka Mon Cafe Drips Coffee (Kyoto Blend)
Kataoka Mon café 滴滤咖啡 (京都混制) [10 Sachets] 75g


Kataoka Mon Cafe Drip Coffee Kyoto Blend 75g (10 Sachets). We explored the flavor that is consumed in Kyoto, where coffee consumption is the highest in Japan, and finished it with a deep roasted blend. Please enjoy the rich body and soft sweetness. It is a deep roasted blend that makes use of the rich body of Guatemalan beans and the soft sweetness of Ethiopia. Coffee beans grown in Africa Ethiopia have a distinctive gorgeous and fruity aroma. Good quality coffee is popular in Japan because it has a smooth mouthfeel and a firm body.

Mon Café was created, forming the customer’s demand for preparing and drinking good quality coffee easily, anytime and anywhere. This is an ideal drip coffee system which fully extracts only the delicious taste of coffee beans, without brewing out any odd taste from the beans. This product’s outstanding high perfection has been greatly supported by customers, and has been leading the expanding drip type coffee as top brand.

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Kataoka Mon Cafe Drip Coffee Kyoto Blend

  • Calorie: 4kcal,
  • Protein: 0.2g,
  • Lipid: 0g,
  • Carbohydrate: 0.6g,
  • Salt equivalent: 0-0.003g.
  • Coffee Beans (Ground)
  • Product from Japan

Net weight:

  • 75g (10 sachets)